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Concrete Restoration Solution

Homeowners may experience a variety of emotions when they notice a gap between the roof and the walls, especially if the roof is new or when water or outside organisms have entered the interior.

Knowing what can go wrong with your metal roofing system will help prevent problems in the first place, reducing time and money spent on repairs

Fortunately, filling in the gaps is a fairly simple process, and you can do it in a number of ways which is completely automatic. Find out how below.

Metal Roof Gap_edited.jpg

If you notice there is a gaps between the roof, it most likely need to be sealed to prevent from leaking, insulation problems and rodent infestations

metal roof gap flexible sealer.JPG

Use Dribond  Flexible Sealer to seal the Metal Roof Gap

Metal Roof Gap Finish_edited.jpg

This is the outcome after using  Flexible Sealer on the Metal Roof Gap


The  Flexible Sealer helps to forms a barrier against moisture, air and airborne particles to help prevent and repair leaks

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